Monday, August 1, 2016

This Little Tool Could help Save Your Life

You may recall that there have been times I have mentioned things that you should keep on hand for emergencies. I truly believe you should be prepared all the time. No, I am not a crazy "the world is going to end" kind of person. I just believe you should do all you can to be able to survive in any kind of emergency. You never know when a flood or tornado may hit, or even a power outage.

One thing you should have with you all the time is a Magnesium Fire Starter, like this one from Survivor X.

A fire starter is just that, a tool that helps start a fire easily. It a small tool that can mean the difference between keeping warm or freezing. Carrying matches is handy, but they can get wet. Lighters are great, but they run out of fuel. A fire starter can be used anywhere and you can find things to lite pretty much anywhere too.

The tool is small, about the size of a pen, so it doesn't take up a lot of room. In fact it has a ring on one end that you could use to hang from a key chain. It has three sections to it, the striker, the magnesium rod, and a small compartment for tinder of some kind, like a piece of cotton swab in case you can't find tinder right away. The whole things is made to be water proof, so if you get wet, it won't! You would still be able to use it right away! That's pretty important is you want to survive in an emergency.

It's very easy to use the fire starter too. The directions are pictured on the back of the box so you don't have to wonder. First you scrape off the protective coating on the magnesium rod using the flat edge of the striker. Next, you place a small bit of tinder in a little pile and maybe a few leaves around it if you can find some. The small cotton swab that comes with the fire starter works great for that. Even a tiny wadded up piece of paper would work. The next step is to take the striker and using the serrated edge, strike it across the magnesium rod that is aimed at the tinder. You need to be a little forceful with this and I suggest practicing before you have to do this in an emergency. Once you get the hang of it, it is really easy and fast!

You may think you don't need to have something like this in your home or your vehicle, or even in a bug-out bag, but this is something you should have. It can save your life and the lives of the people you love! It doesn't cost a lot and it doesn't take up a lot of room. Well worth it in my book!

You can purchase the Survivor X Magnesium Fire Starter HERE!

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