Wednesday, August 24, 2016

PainAway Helps With Sore Muscles and Aches

Pain is something I unfortunately have to deal with on a daily basis. Some of it is simply because I am getting older. Some is because I have very bad arthritis in my hands, shoulders, and back. How much pain often depends on the weather, the things I have to do around the house or running errands, and my overall activity level. So I am always on the lookout for help dealing with the pain other than taking a pill.

One thing I and my husband have been trying is Phytopia PainAway Synergy for Muscle Soreness & Pain Relief. This is an alternative to using pills to help deal with pain that I like.

The PainAway comes in a small amber colored bottle to protect the contents from UV light. It is an oil based product that you massage into your affected area to help relieve the pain. Over time, it is supposed to lessen the pain as you use more and more of it, helping to keep pain at bay completely.

Here's what is in it:
Balsam Peru Oil
Radiata Leaf
Java Citronella
Evening Primrose
Lavender Oil

So far I can say it has helped a little, but not a lot. I am thinking that this is the kind of product you could use on a pulled muscle or sore muscles from exercise or a fall. It helps things like arthritis a little, but not enough for what I would like. My husband has noticed on his sore shoulder that he pulled a muscle in, this has helped and he has been enjoying using it. Has it taken away his pain completely? No, but he appreciates any help he can get with it. Complete pain relief will come when the shoulder heals up. But this has been helping him deal with the healing process.

I would suggest if you like using alternative remedies, this would be one to keep in your arsenal.

You can purchase Phytopia PainAway Synergy for Muscle Soreness & Pain Relief HERE

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