Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Nice Set of Cleaning Tools For Any Home

There are times I can be a cleanaholic. I just get going and clean everything in sight. My husband has mixed feelings about it since a lot of times I clean like crazy is when I am stressed or upset about something. I take my frustration out on the dirt instead of people, well most of the time.

I am always looking for new and improved cleaning tools. There seem to be so many wonderful improvements in things even from when I first started keeping house 32 years ago. So many fun new things to use. But classic things with a small twist are just as good. That's why I like this Household Cleaning Set from Houzem.

The cleaning set has all kinds of great tools for any home and I plan on sharing these with my youngest son who is moving into a new home soon. He'll need them! The set comes with the following items:
~ plunger
~ dish cleaning brush
~ car cleaning brush
~ toilet brush set
~ squeegee
~ dust pan and hand broom
~ fabric cleaning brush

All of the pieces are nice, but there are a few that stick out a little, and not because of the bright green color either. The plunger is one. It works, but to be honest, it is not the best plunger to have, though it is much better than not having one.

Another piece that I like is the toilet cleaning brush set. It has the big brush, that works well and the holder, but it also has a small brush to help clean smaller places. It works great to get around the hinges on the toilet seat and around the base of the toilet next to the floor. it has it's own little spot to sit so you always know where it is and it does not get used for some other cleaning project. That would just be icky!

I also really like the dust pan and hand broom. The angle of both makes sweeping up small messes so easy without contorting your body to get to it. The edge of the dust pan has a nice rubber lip that helps prevent small things from slipping underneath it.

All three of the brushes are nice and they have comfortable handles to hold on to while you clean. The bristles are sturdy enough to take hard cleaning without damaging what they are cleaning. We like all three of them. We also like the squeegee too. It helps me keep ahead of my dogs who love to put their noses on every window in the house. I feel like I am cleaning windows all the time and this squeegee helps me keep the job a lot shorter a gets my windows sparkly clean.

This would make a great house warming present for someone or even a shower present. I like it and I am pretty sure my son will gt a lot of use out of it!

You can purchase the Houzem Household Cleaning Set HERE!

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