Saturday, July 9, 2016

Stop Stubbing Your Toes In The Dark With The Help Of LUNARA

You wake up in the middle of the night. All you want to do is get a glass of water. You stumble around the house in the dark, trying not to wake anyone up. Then it stub your pinky toe. The pain is excruciating! All you want to do is scream, but that will wake the whole house.

So not fun to have that happen, and I am sure many of you, if not all of you, have done something similar.

LUNAR has some help for you with this problem, help that will keep you from not being able to see where you are going and to avoid breaking a toe, and will also not be too bright and waste electricity!

The LUNARA LED Night Light comes in a pack of two, and it is a soft, warm light that is bright enough to offer comfort to a small child and help you see where you are going in the night, but soft enough to not disturb sleep. Unlike white/blue night lights that suppress melatonin production and trigger your body into believing it's daytime, these night lights are gentle, calming, and comfortable.

The lights only come on when the room is dark, so they stay of in the daytime. The really cool thing is that these lights only cost about 25¢ a year to operate. Did you read that clearly? 25¢ a year. A night light that helps you really see without blinding you and saves you money by doing it! Plus they should last up to 10 years! That's incredible.

So far we have enjoyed using them. They do offer a much softer light, yet enough I can see to get up in the night to use the bathroom, or for one of us to get up early and not wake the other. The lights are small too, about 3" x 3", so they don't take up all of the outlet. The plug is offset on the back to keep the other part of the outlet open to use when needed.

These are really good night lights, perfect for a little one to feel secure in their room and to offer you help getting around in the dark. Well worth every penny with how little power they use and how long they last.

You can purchase the LUNARA LED Night Light 2 pack set HERE!

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