Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pralines Are A Yummy Sweet Treat

I am not a huge fan normally of super sweet things, but every now and then I just want something to satisfy my sweet tooth. Pralines are a nice way to do that.

New Orleans Famous Praline Company has just the praline to help satisfy anyone's sweet tooth without over doing it!

New Orleans Famous Praline Company has been around since 1851, so they have had years to perfect their recipe! The pralines come wrapped in individual wrappers, which to me is really nice. They aren't stuck together when you open the package, which can happen in shipping and just sitting in the container. It can help prevent eating more than you should too, not that anyone in this house might be guilty of that. LOL!

The flavor of these pralines is really nice. It is not overly sweet, where you take one bite and are done, but it is just right. The pieces of pecan are small enough that you don't have to chew and chew on them and they add a wonderful texture to the yummy treat.

New Orleans Famous Praline Company offers a variety of pralines too. They have the Original Praline, like I got to try out and they have Chocolate Pralines, Chewy Pralines, and Creamy Pralines, all available on the website and in a variety of package sizes. They also offer them in bulk packaging and for corporate gift giving.

I have had some good pralines in the past, but I can say that these are some of the best I have ever tried. They are just the right size and have fantastic flavor. Make sure you check them out. I'm sure they will easily become a family favorite!

You can purchase any of the New Orleans Famous Praline Company Pralines HERE!

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