Saturday, June 18, 2016

Something You Will Use A Lot More Than You Ever Thought You Would

Anyone want to admit you're getting older and things are not as easy to do? Anyone.......

It's not fun to start getting older. Things that never hurt before start to and things that used to be easy get harder. Ugh! But it's also tough being short like me. So not only do I have the getting older to deal with, I have to deal with it being short.


I will here and now admit that I love this handy dandy product I have in the house. Seriously, I use it a lot more than I ever thought I would. The JACKYLED 39'' Rotating Reacher Grabber has been helping me a lot!

The reacher is made from lightweight aluminum and plastic, which makes it easy to deal with. I don't have to hang on to something heavy to help me when I need it.

The handle of the reacher is plastic with a trigger on it that closes the claw on the other end. When you are not using it, the claw remains open.

The claw is also made of plastic and the inside of the grippers has a textured surface that helps hold objects easily in the claw. It can hold things as small as a pill and as big as a cereal box. The neat thing is the claw turns a whole 360°, so you can have it angled the exact way you need to grab what you are after!

This thing really does help me in our kitchen a lot. Since I am short, it is really hard for me to reach the shelves in our kitchen cupboards. I either have to get out the step stool or I can use the reacher to help me. With a lot of things, the reacher saves me time and energy by me not having to climb up on something to get stuff.

I was really surprised at how it was able to pick up even a pill I dropped. Yes, I can bend over and pick up a pill just fine, but I thought I should find out because many who might use something like this can't bend over to pick things up. It's good to know! The grip does not work too well once things are a few pounds. It's just too much for it, but grabbing small dropped items, or things on upper shelves, this thing is pretty handy! I have been keeping it right where I can find it quickly to help me in the kitchen.

This is a fun tool to have around and I think that if you had one, you would use it a lot more than you think you would! Trust me!!

You can purchase the JACKYLED 39'' Rotating Reacher Grabber HERE!

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