Thursday, June 30, 2016

Glow In The Dark Pacifier Clips help You Keep From Waking Baby In The Night

One of the neatest things that was ever created for moms and dads was a pacifier clip. I can't even begin to think of the number of times I had to pick up the pacifiers my boys used. But have you ever dealt with a sleeping baby who lost their pacifier and is starting to fuss and you don't want to turn on the lights?

No fun!!

Well Baby Goose has helped to solve that problem by making the Glow in The Dark Pacifier Clip Set for both girls and boys. I have to say, these are pretty neat. They really glow pretty well.

The clips are about 11" long and are very easy to attach the pacifier to and to clip on to whatever outfit baby is wearing. The clip part is a locking alligator clip, so it will stay securely attached without harming the clothing.

I love the fun material each of the clips is made with. It is two-sided heavy grosgrain ribbon that has fun designs for both girls and boys. We have the boy set and I think they are just adorable.

Fair warning, the clips take a long time to charge up their glow, so plan ahead! When they do finally start glowing, they don't glow like a beaming light, but they glow enough you can see them in a dark room. They also seem to hold their glow for a long enough time to help you through the night with your little one. They will have to be recharged in the morning, but that's why the set comes with 3.

It's a fun idea that is also practical! They would make a nice gift for any new mom or dad!

You can purchase the Baby Goose Glow in The Dark Pacifier Clip Set HERE!

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