Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dusting The Car And The House Is Easy With The AutoZiv Microfiber Duster

Something that I really have a hard time keeping up with is the car. I don't use it too often, but my guys do. Let's face it, guys, well most guys, are not as neat as they could be. When I do use the car, it always seems to be a mess. It doesn't help that right now there is major construction going on a block away from our house. Dirt road, construction materials, debris, all raising dust that blows our way. The dust on and in the car can get bad some days!

So I like it when I find something that makes a job, like cleaning the car or keeping the car clean, easy! That's what AutoZiv is helping me with right now. They have this neat Microfiber Duster that helps me keep all that construction dust and the day to day dust in check now.

The duster is pretty nifty! It comes in a zippered case to store it and it comes with a small bonus duster too. Both are made of a microfiber that picks up even the tiniest bits of dust. The full-size duster had the microfiber all the way around it, so no need to angle it just so to do the dusting. It's also about 21" long & has a stainless steel inner handle covered with a cushion grip, which helps me reach even hard places, like clear to the windshield in the car on the dash. It picks up everything and all that icky dust is taken care of in no time.

The micro duster can be used, of course, in the home too. It's great for reaching to the top of door casings, book shelves and ceiling fans. I like it for reaching the top edge of my kitchen cupboards too. I don't have to climb up on anything to reach them now with this duster.

The small duster that comes with this is perfect for the TV screen, computer monitor or other smaller things. Electronics always attract a lot of dust particles, so this little thing really helps keep them in check too!

Love using these microfiber dusters and I think you would like them as well!!

You can purchase the AutoZiv Microfiber Duster Set HERE!

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