Saturday, May 28, 2016

Noise Cancelling Ear Muffs From Pro For Sho

You may think this is a strange thing to mention, but sometimes loud noises really, really get to me and make me nuts. I'm one of those people who does not like to go to stadiums or concert halls to hear rock bands, or any other band who might play their music loud. I even don't like to be close to fireworks. The noise bothers me a lot.

I'm not alone either. There are lots of people that loud noise bothers. One place in particular is at the gun range. Some pistols and shotguns are really loud, so it's important to protect your ears at places like this or the ones I mentioned above.

Pro For Sho has 34dB Noise Cancelling Shooting Ear Muffs that really help cancel out a lot of noise wen you are at loud places, everything from the shooting range to the wood workshop. The ear muffs are nice and I can say they really do cancel out a lot of the noise around me when I wear them.

The ear muffs are not heavy while you are wearing them. The weight to me is important, since wearing them for a long time could really get uncomfortable if they are heavy. They cancel out most of the normal decibel sounds around you and keep the higher decibel things to a very tolerable level. Normal sounds around you sound like you are listening to people in muffled tones through a wall.

You can keep these ear muffs very handy since they do fold up to be compact and then can be tucked in your bag or vehicle. The headband feels fine, but I have to admit that the pressure from the ear muffs pushing against my head does get to me after a while. I can handle it for about an hour and then I need a break, not that I would normally have to wear them that long.

I also struggle a little when I unfold them to put them on. They want to swivel and do their own thing and I have trouble getting the muffs to adjust for the size of my head. They do adjust fine and will fit most people, but with the things easily swiveling, it can get a smidge annoying.

For the price and how well they cancel sound out, I would say these are good ear muffs for anyone who has to work in a noisy environment on a regular basis, or for hunters, wood workers, even students who need a quiet study time in school.

You can purchase the Pro For Sho 34dB Noise Cancelling Shooting Ear Muffs HERE!

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