Friday, May 20, 2016

Beautiful Swaddling and Receiving Blankets From Stolina

What is sweeter than a newborn baby? I can't think of anything. Every single baby is such a beautiful and precious gift from God, and they deserve to be treated with tenderness and comfort right from the start. That's exactly what Stolina believes too.

Stolina has a really nice set of four Baby Blankets for Swaddling and Receiving. The quality of these blankets is exceptional. Each and every one is made with care and an attention to quality. The blankets are made from 100% cotton and are imported from Bulgaria. To say the least, I am impressed with these blankets.

The weave reminds me a a super light weight muslin and they are super thin when opened up all the way. Each blanket measures 47" square and can be wrapped and folded to meet what you need when swaddling or covering your little one. Since the weave is light, air can circulate through out the blanket keeping your baby cool during the summer months. But depending on how you wrap your little one, they will also keep them warm when the weather cools down. They are also machine washable on hot and dry warm with no chlorine bleach.

These blankets are perfect for a number of things from swaddling, covering and using as extra large burp cloths. They would be perfect for covering up a stroller to keep out insects and direct sunlight, yet allowing fresh air to still reach your baby. They would also work well for a cover up while breast feeding.

The colors are lovely too. The cream and light green are gender neutral, so they can work through multiple babies and will coordinate with many room decorations and themes. The set also comes with a nice muslin laundry bag that would be perfect for tossing all those tiny socks  and other things in to wash. No more lost tiny socks.

I really like these blankets and can't wait to give them to a new mom I know. She will love them!

You can purchase a set of the Stolina Baby Blankets for Swaddling and Receiving HERE!

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