Friday, April 1, 2016

Simple Crib Sheets With Easy Care

I remember when my boys were babies trying to find quality crib sheets that would not irritate their skin and would wash up well and keep looking good for quite a while was well, not always easy.

La Lune Naturals has sets of fitted crib sheets that are not only cute, but they will last and continue to look good over time.

The sheet set I have has two specific patterns, a chevron and a cross design. Each one is in gender neutral colors making it easy to decorate you babies room or to give as a gift without being concerned about getting a seriously wrong color. I also like that the designs are simple and not busy. They won't take away from other things that you decorate the room with.

The sheets are 100% jersey cotton and have deep 9" pockets on them. They are measured to have a universal fit for crib mattresses, which means you can be really sure they will fit what you have. The jersey cotton is very breathable too and super soft, which is very good for your babies health, plus it washes well. You know there will be stains. It's a pat of having a baby, but knowing you can wash those stains out easily because the sheets are jersey cotton is a very good thing.

The elastic on the sheets is really nice. I was impressed with how easy it was to stretch it and how well the sheets stay put on the mattress. The jersey material has a slight stretch to it, but not enough to make the fabric get distorted in size as you stretch it to cover the mattress. I also appreciated that the seams are serged which gives them some extra strength and longevity.

La Lune Naturals makes other sheet sets in more patterns and colors as well as others that fit Pac N Plays and changing pad covers. These are some really nice sheets and would be a good addition to what you need for your little one, or to give as a gift.

You can purchase a set of the La Lune Naturals Crib Sheets Set HERE!

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