Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Very Heavy Duty Lighting For A Comfy and Retro Look

I can not wait for warmer weather to not only start to get here, but stay. It's still pretty iffy here, but as soon as I can I am going to hang out my new set of patio lights!

Festive Patio Lights has this fantastic set that I just love. The Outdoor Hanging String Lighting is perfect for so many things I would want to do around my home, actually, both outdoors and indoors.

The strand of lights is not a wimpy light weight set. This is a serious made to last string of lights. The cording reminds me of the heavy duty extension cords my husband uses for his power tools, the black rubber coated ones. The strand has 14 AWG Gauge Wire strung through it. The sockets for the lights are the same way, substantial and impressive and all rubber durable construction.

There are a total of 15 light sockets on the strand. Between each light there is about 3 feet and from the last socket and the end of the strand there is about 15". A single strand ends up being 48 feet long, which is wonderful for decorating a lot of things. The cord and the sockets are all weather proof, making them very safe to use outside.

Now here is the cool thing, you can connect up to 9 strands of lights together for one very impressive look! That's unlike any other set of lights I have had. The most you can usually hook together is 3. This offers you so much more freedom in how you decorate and where you have to plug the strands in.

The strand comes with 21 bulbs, which means you have 6 extras. I find that generous and a super bonus from the company! The bulbs you can use in the sockets are E26/E27 and are 11 watts each. They recommend a wattage of no more than 40 watts per socket, so you could use a higher wattage if you want depending on the mood you want to set. I love the bulbs they include since thy have a slight retro look to them. With the heavy duty cording and the lights the whole look is really nice! You do need to take caution in the amount of wattage you use to not overtax the strands. The maximum wattage per strand is limited to 600 watts, so if you are attaching multiple strands you need to not exceed the maximum amount for safety.

I really appreciate how above each socket they have a small hole to hang it with. You can easily put up small nails or hooks to attach these to and the can go up and come down in no time, plus it adds extra security for the strands to stay put.

This is a fantastic strand of lights and I am thrilled with them. The company offers a 10 year unconditional guarantee on them and from reading other reviews, they are very helpful too!

You can purchase the Festive Patio Lights Outdoor Hanging String Lighting HERE!

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  1. Thank you for this! I have been thinking about stringing "fairy lights" in the backyard, but worried about how they would hold up in the weather. Definitely bookmarking the site for purchase!

    1. I think you will love them! They really look awesome and are not like other lights people hang outside.