Thursday, March 31, 2016

Perfect For Dieting Or Special Dietary Requirements

I was a little skeptical about these containers when I first got them. Let's face it, most of us here in the US have been eating way oversized portions for years and these just looked like it would be too little.
Boy was I wrong!

These little containers from STAR are measured out very carefully and correspond with the instructions that come with the set. Each container is color coded with the colors designated for specific foods. It really makes getting portions very, very easy. Filling each container with your protein, starches, veggies and fats is a no brainer. No weighing, no counting calories. It is so easy. I love how I can fill them and take them along with me when I go to meetings or on a day trip.

The Green container is one cup and for vegetables. The Purple is one cup and for fruit. The red is 3/4 of a cup and for protein. The Blue is 1/3 of a cup and for fats. The Yellow is 1/2 of a cup and for carbs. The two Orange ones are 2 TBSP and for seeds and dressings.

It's easy to follow the instructions in the little booklet, and I have seen in just a few weeks the difference it makes following this program. The guide has a list of recommended foods for each container to help you eat a healthy and balanced diet. Plus there are recommendations for your total daily calorie intake and how many of each little container you should have in a day to meet that goal. The size of the containers is perfect. After each meal I am satisfied and not hungry. The portion sizes are just right and this will make thing easier for my husband who is diabetic, and me so I can lose weight, that is if we can remember to always use them.

After using them for a while, the color coding gets easy. You just know what goes in each container and preparing a meal gets super easy. I do wish the lids were a little tighter though so I could also put in liquids. But I could use these to measure and transfer things to a travel mug. I was thinking of soup, smoothies, and such.

I have heated a few things in the microwave with them, but mainly I am preparing the food for the whole family and them measuring out my food and placing it on a plate. I love how they all stack together neatly and take up so little room. I can keep them all very handy for when I need them!

I love using this set, but wish they would hold liquids. I do plan on getting more so my husband can use them at his job for his lunches.

You can purchase the STAR 7 Piece Portion Control Container Kit with Guide HERE!

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