Wednesday, March 23, 2016

A Small Camera To Give You Peace Of Mind

Keeping track of things in our homes today is so much different than it was years ago. When my kids were little the biggest thing we had was a baby monitor that just picked up noises. Today, many of use are relying on cameras to keep track of the people we love and to protect them and our homes.

VIMTAG is a company that offers a simple 361 HD, IP/Network ,Wireless, Video Monitoring, Surveillance, security camera that even someone like me with little tech knowledge can operate and use.

Here is a little info form the company:
~ Home security and remote monitoring of your property
~ Business premises monitoring
~ Conference meeting webcam (utlizing built-in microphone and speaker)
~ Remote monitoring and communication with elderly or vulnerable relatives
~ Monitoring of pets whilst away from home
~ Saying "hi" to the kids whilst you are away from home
~ Requirements: Computer equipped with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, Mac OSX, or Linux --  CPU clocked at 1.3G or higher, with at least 128MB of RAM -- 10/100 Ethernet or Wi-Fi network -- iOS 5.0 or above, Android 2.1 or above

Setup was very easy, requiring only a brief direct hookup to our router to establish the connection to the camera. Then you simply download the app on your smartphone, create an account, scan the QR code at the base of the camera, and you're connected! You can now remove the Ethernet cable and place the camera anywhere you like, as long as it's in wireless range of your router, which in our case is the whole house.

Most of the setup was straightforward, though the online information could provide better descriptions of the features and menu options. Some of them were a little confusing to me and my husband was able to help me figure them out and set things for us.

The camera requires an SD card, which is unfortunately not included, to save the videos it records. It mentions using an SD card in the documentation, and there is a menu option for it as well, but the camera itself has a Micro SD slot to store its own videos, and that's what the instructions are referencing. You need to make sure to get a "micro" SD card (smart phone size), not the standard size SD card that you might use on your laptop. You can pick these up at several area stores near you and they are about $15.

You can control the camera with your smartphone or your desktop or laptop. One great feature is the ability to control the camera's direction remotely. You can set the camera to a live shot, and pan it up, down, and side to side for a nearly 360 degree viewing radius. This gives you a lot of options in where you can set it and get the most benefit from it. The camera also comes with a wall mount so you can attach it in a permanent location if you want.

I still have not learned all that the camera can do and the different ways I can use it with the two-way mic and all, but I will get the hang of it eventually. For now I am enjoying it and will use it only as needed to care for our pets and home while we are away.

This is a great system and sold at a great price. It does take some patience to install and learn, but it is not impossible and it is worth it!

You can purchase the VIMTAG 361 HD, IP/Network ,Wireless, Video Monitoring, Surveillance, security camera HERE!

This reviewer received the product free or at a discounted price in order to bring you an honest review. No other form of compensation was given. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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