Tuesday, March 22, 2016

A Nice Leather Tray To Organize our Guy

One thing that is hard for my husband to do is keep track of little things. He does not see well, and he tends to forget where he sets things down. But then I can be the same way too.

So I love this small Black Leather Mens Valet Tray Catchall and Storage Organizer from Mens Bodega! It really is a very nice way to help keep my husband organized.

The leather tray comes flat in a gift box. I appreciate that because it is easy to wrap and does not give away what it is. The leather is very nicely attached to the inner piece which I am guessing is a pressed board of some kind. The whole things is nice and solid, yet it is not heavy or weighted down.

There is top stitching all around the top edges of the tray and decorative ones in the center. Most of the stitching is done very well. There are a few small spots where it is a little off, but not enough to ruin the look. You can see it in the pictures included.

The four corners of the tray snap together very easily and form a nice little box tray. It is plenty big enough to hold keys, a watch, wallet and more. This would be perfect for placing on a small table near the door as you come in the house or on top of a dresser or night stand.

There is not a leather smell to the tray. I was a little disappointed about that, but I still love the tray. The leather is supple and looks wonderful, plus it will match another piece my husband has to organize his things. This is a great way to help any guy in your life be a little more organized.

You can purchase the Mens Bodega Valet Tray Catchall and Storage Organizer HERE!

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