Monday, March 21, 2016

A Fun Family Game For Young & Old, Indoors Or Outdoors

Family fun time is something I miss a lot with my kids now that they are grown, so I am happy to have some young ones in my life that I still get to play games with and enjoy their company.

One way we love to have fun is with games, especially ones that can be played inside and outside. Mabua makes a fun Ring Toss Game for Kids and Adults that is perfect for indoors and outdoors.

The game arrives in a box with everything you need to play the game and to store the game. There are two cross bars that are notched to connect with each other. Each one is pre-painted and has score numbers by holes on the wood where the pegs go. There are 5 pegs, each a different color that have a rounded end and an end with a screw mounted in it to attach them to the boards. All of the screw in easy and there is no specific spot you have to put them. That is your decision. The center peg holds the boards in place together and it is very sturdy. I was really pleased with how well this was made.

The game also comes with 5 round pieces of rope that have big beads on them that are the five colors of the pegs. They are sturdy but do have some give for easy grasping and tossing, as well as storing. Which brings me to the other thing that comes with this set, and something I really like a lot, a small carry/storage bag. This is fantastic. You can store everything easily in it and know exactly where all the pieces are. They won't get jumbled around with everything else or lost.

The game really does not have specific rules other than trying to get the rings over the pegs. You can come up with all kinds of variations for play from matching the color of the bead on the ring with the peg, doing math problems, letting someone toss all of them and accumulate a point total. You can give points for ringing the peg, getting close, and being closer than your opponent.  How you play generally will be determined by who is playing and how difficult or easy you want to make it.

This is a fun game that we are enjoying and will enjoy a lot in the future, and I LOVE the little storage bag making it easy to pack away and to carry along on a day trip or camping! It takes up very little room and can be tucked in the trunk.

You can purchase the Mabua Ring Toss Game for Kids and Adults HERE!

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