Monday, November 9, 2015

Love The Fruit On The Bottom ~ Only One Small Problem With It!

I love having fruit infused water. There is something about the fresh flavor and the fact I know exactly what is in my drink. It's much lower in calories and the combination of flavors is only limited to my imagination!

Live Infinitely has a fantastic Forever Fused Fruit Infusion Water Bottle. I really like this bottle a lot.

First and the best thing about the water bottle is the basket to hold the fruit. It's at the bottom! I love that. That means that the fruit stays in contact with the water until the last drop. Most infuser water bottles have the basket attached at the top, and as you drink the water, the fruit loses contact with the water. Keeping the fruit in the water as long as possible only makes sense to me!

It's super easy to use the water bottle too. The 25 oz bottle has a screw top and a screw bottom. The bottom unscrews and that is what the basket is attached to. To fill the basket, simply unscrew it, fill it with your fruit, and screw it back in place. Fill the bottle with water and place the bottom back on. Or you could place it back on and then fill it from the top. Here's another neat thing about it, the top and bottom lids fit both ends. So you don't have to worry which one came off of where.

The lid of the bottle has a really nice little loop in it that you finger(s) can fit in comfortably to carry it along with you while you walk. The inside of the loop is coated with a rubber coating so it is comfortable to keep you fingers in it for quite a while.

I think the only thing this bottle is missing is an opening to drink from other than having to unscrew the top and take it off. I really wish it had a sipper opening or straw, something, other than having to completely open it every time you want to drink. You almost have to stop walking or driving the car to drink from it, making it a bit awkward.

But, I still like the bottle and love the basket on the bottom!!

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