Monday, November 23, 2015

Help Is Here For All Your Holiday Packing & Shipping

We live far away from almost all of our relatives. Okay all of our relatives. The closest ones are about 500 miles away. Over 31 years of marriage, you can imagine how many packages we have had to send. The number would be staggering to think about now, but we have learned a lot from mailing all of them.

One of the most important thing we have learned is not all packing tapes are the same and the kind you use makes a big difference. One kind of packing tape we recently tried out is Zitriom Packing Tape  for Professionals.

This packing is tape is similar to others in many ways. It is about 1 7/8" wide and 55 yards long. It comes on a standard size roll with a 3" wide cardboard ring in the center. It fits the standard size dispensers we all have seen (the red ones). Zitriom sells the tape in packages of 6 and includes a dispenser with the rolls. You end up with 330 yards of tape for a good price!

Where this tape is different is in the thickness of the tape. It is very thin, which is good because it does not add a lot of extra weight to your package, saving you money. Where the thinness can be a problem is when it get's stuck to itself and trying to find the end. But the tape is very strong and holds really well. I was pleased with how few strips of tape it takes to secure a box closed . I don't have to use tons and tons covering every bit of possible opening spots, and the box stays shut during shipping and delivery.

The tape also protects labels from getting wet. Now it is not considered waterproof, but it does stick well enough and covers well enough that the label does not get damaged during delivery. The company says that it will hold in extreme heat and cold conditions. We just dealt with the cold part here, and the tape stayed put even with a box sitting outside in the cold and snow for a few hours.

The cutting edge of the dispenser is nice. It does not have an even serration. That type of edge cuts the tape much quicker and there is less build up of the sticky part of tape in the teeth. It is very sharp though, so be careful letting kids use it. One thing, though with the uneven edges of the cut, when the tape falls back on itself it can be hard to get it stated again without getting bits torn off and little strips coming off. That can be frustrating! But as long as you make sure it is behind the little guides on the dispenser, it should not be a problem.

A good packing tape at a good price and just in time for all your holiday shipping! You can ourchase your own Zitriom Packing Tape  for Professionals HERE!

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