Thursday, October 8, 2015

Water Balloons Made Super Easy & Fun

The following review was written by Lisa

Who doesn't love water balloons? BUT...filling them up, well that's another story! It can take hours to fill enough for a large group to have fun and then your fingers hurt from all the tying and you always drop one of two or one breaks and you end up wet. What do you do???

Magic Balloons is the solution! One package comes with 100 multicolored water balloons that can all be filled in about a minute. Seriously, they can all be filled in no time at all, in fact even one of your kids can fill them up by themselves.

The pack comes with 3 bunches of balloons and there is absolutely no tying! The balloons come pre-attached to a special hose attachment that fills 37 balloons in less than one minute. Simply screw on to your water hose, turn on the water, let the balloons fill, and after they fill up enough they drop off. They have a little o-ring attached that ties the balloons instantly. No trying to stick the balloon over the hose or opening it with a funnel, or any other crazy way to try and fill it. This could not be easier!

The package of balloons comes with refills too. You simply keep the hose attachment and place each balloon over the small ends and slide the o-ring in place. Now you are ready to go to fill more balloons! It's fantastic!

We had as much fun filling them as we did using them. Stop doing it the old way and try Magic Balloons for yourself, you'll have fun filling them and kids are amazed watching so many balloons being instantly filled so fast and easy. Have a bunch of fun with no hassle!

You can purchase your own Magic Balloons HERE!

This reviewer has been compensated with receiving the product free in order to bring you an honest review. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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