Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Amazing Gunblock Earmuffs That Work For So Much More Than Just Shooting

Anyone who is a gun owner knows that one of the most important things is safety and safety begins with training. it's important to know the gun you are using, how to care for it and most importantly, how to shoot it safely!

Shooting practice is something I remember doing as a young girl. Growing up on the farm we learned early how to be around guns and use them, as well as respect them. My Dad insisted that we protect our ears when we shot our riffles or shotguns. It's no different today for people who shoot. One or two shots are not too bad for your ears. More than that, well you need to protect them!

Recently Lisa's husband got to test out the FSL Ear Defenders Earmuffs for me. Here's what Lisa had to say about them.

My husband carries a pistol for his job, and he loved trying out the pair of FSL Ear Defenders Earmuffs. The earmuff cups slide along the headband making it easy to adjust to pretty much anyone and to make the fit comfortable. When not in use, they fold up to a compact size making it easy to store them in a vehicle or dufflebag. 

Bill said they are really comfortable and do a great job at blocking the loud sound when he fires his gun. They block out enough of the sound to really protect your ears! They can be worn with sunglasses or safety glasses easily without causing any discomfort.

Bill really likes these earmuffs and will be using them for more than just shooting. They would be great for working with power tools when he is building too. 

You can purchase your own FSL Ear Defenders Earmuffs HERE!

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