Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Bento Box For You Whole Family

I'm sure most of you have seen bento boxes when you are out and about shopping. One thing you may realize is that not all bento boxes are alike. Some are much better than others.

Lifemark Labs Bento Box is really far superior to any of  the others I have seen or tried. The box comes in several colors, so you can have one for each family member. They measure about 8 ½" x 8½" x 1½" in size. They have 3 compartments in 2 sizes to put your food in. I really like that they help you keep in mind good nutrition by helping you to control portion sizes.

The lid for this Bento Box stays on so well! It is snug and secure and completely waterproof! The four hinges, one on each side, ensure the lid is on and on to stay! I love that. If you drop it, nothing will come out or leak. This is especially good for kids since their lunches go through so much on the way to school and the lunchroom! No soggy backpacks or clothes from a leaky lunch!

The box is sturdy and can deal with being put in the microwave and the freezer. You do want to take the lid off though to heat it in the microwave so you do not damage the seal! Foods that need to be kept cold can be popped in the freezer and then have all morning long to thaw and still be cold and fresh for lunch!

They wash up by hand in dishwater or in the dishwasher. I have yet to have it stain and I don't think it will. Even gunky stuff has come clean from it.

This is a great bento box and with it's low profile will fit in backpacks, briefcases and more to save space and still give you a good sized lunch.

You can purchase your own Lifemark Labs Bento Box HERE!

This reviewer has been compensated with receiving the product free in order to bring you an honest review. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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