Friday, August 14, 2015

Just The Right Size For All My Drinks

If you are in need of a good water bottle that will hold up well and work for both cold and hot drinks, this is one you should get.

The Futurepace Tech Stainless Steel Insulated Sports Water Bottle is a fantastic water bottle! It is made from a double-wall stainless steel construction making it very durable and well insulated! I love how when something cold is in it you just feel the cool metal in your hand. When something hot is in it you just feel the cool metal in your hand! It really is very well insulated!

The bottle keeps cold drinks cold for about 24 hours according the the company. I have not had anything in it that long to find out, but it has kept things nice and cold for many hours during the day. Several pieces of ice lasted for about half the day, so that's pretty good! Hot things are supposed to stay hot for about 8 hours. Again I did not have the drink in there that long to find out, but it was good through at least 4 hours!

The size is just about right for a short day out. It fits in drink cup holders in most vehicles, well at least the ones I tried. I like that, because I don't have to figure out where to put it like some water bottles.

The top is easy to drink from and yet wide enough to fit some ice cubes through. Our cubes are small and some may not fit though. it has a loop that you can fit a finger through comfortably and it also has a small clip to attach it to a back pack or bike. it also does not leak once the top is on. it can fall sideways or upside down and nothing will leak out.

I really like this water bottle!

You can purchase your own Futurepace Tech Stainless Steel insulated Sports Water Bottle HERE!

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  1. This water bottle looks really nice! I love that it's stainless steel.

    1. The stainless steel really does keep it colder much longer! I love it!