Monday, August 24, 2015

Breathable Garment Bags ~ Perfect For Travel & Long Term Storage

I love to travel, but one thing I don't like is getting somewhere and my clothes being all wrinkled and messy. I have used lots of different kinds of garment bags in the past and most have worked fine, but the ones I recently tried out are really nice.

B&C Home Goods has a set of 3 Breathable Garment Bags that are different than others I have tried. These garment bags are made of a non-woven mesh material that is thick enough to be sturdy, yet keeps the material breathable. The fact that the material is breathable helps keep clothes stored in them, especially for long periods of time, from getting musty.

The garment bags have some of the standard features that most have, a reinforced hanger opening to prevent wear and tear, a reinforced metal eye hole at the bottom that can be hooked over a hanger making it possible to fold the bags in half, and a reinforced large zipper that runs the whole length of the bags.

The one thing that is a little different about these garment bags is the extra large clear window. It is larger than ones I have seen before, which makes it really easy to see what is inside. I like that a lot. Sometimes you are in a hurry and it makes grabbing what you need a lot quicker. Plus it eliminates having to unzip and re-zip bags looking for what you want.

The set of three garment bags comes with a nice bonus, a shoe bag. It's a good sized one and holds two pairs of shoes for me and one pair of shoes for my husband.

Even though the length of the garment bags is good for shirts, suits, and short dresses, it is not long enough for the skirts and dresses I wear. I don't wear short dresses, so the hems of my skits have to be folded up to carry in the bags. It's not a huge deal, but I would like them to be just a little longer for use with my dresses.

Otherwise, these are very nice garment bags. The fact that they are breathable is the biggest bonus for me.

You can purchase the B&C Home Goods Breathable Garment Bags HERE!

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