Saturday, August 8, 2015

A Very Good Thing To Have During Grilling Season

Our family loves barbecue season. Actually for us, barbecue season is all year long. We have been known to use our grill with several inches of snow on the ground. And since we use our grill a lot, that means we have to clean it a lot.

Anyone here like cleaning their grill? Yeah, me either!!

So I appreciate a tool that helps make that job a lot easier. That's where the Rising Fire BBQ Grill Brush comes in very handy. This is not just another grill brush.

This shows the bristles after using it several times.

I really like that not only is the twisted wire frame made from a heavy gauge stainless steel, so are the bristles. Believe me they are sturdy, heavy bristles. I also like that the brushes, and there are three incorporated into one, are rounded. It really helps them get into places better and can clean the grill easier without having to angle the brush much.

The brush is a little heavy for me to use with the arthritis I have in my hands, but I can still get enough work from the bristles that I don't have to press hard or go over spots on the grill repeatedly to get it clean.

I like the length of the handle. I can reach to the back of the grill easily and without having to feel like I am crawling in to it. I'm a little short, so this is very nice!

Like most grill brushes, this works best when the grill is still a little hot or at least warm. The long handle also helps with this too since you don't have to be as close to get it clean. It keeps you hands away from the heat and lessens the chances of any burns. But it also cleans very well even when the grill is cold.

I really like this grill brush and we will be using it a lot!

You can purchase your own Rising Fire BBQ Grill Brush HERE!

The reviewer has been compensated with receiving the product free in order to bring you an honest review. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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