Friday, July 17, 2015

Trouble Reaching Things?

I'm short. Not really short, but short enough to have trouble reaching things. Sometimes I think companies who build homes do so for people who are much taller than me. I never seem to be able to reach things on the top shelves of my cupboards. I have for years relied on the fact that I have tall men in my house to help me reach things, well and my small step ladder.

Waiting for one of the guys to be handy or dragging out my little step ladder is, to be honest, a royal pain! So I was happy to get a new "toy" to use. I have the Reach it Grab it tool from Calibre Products Ltd. I love this thing! I always thought that a grabber like this was for old people or people who pick up junk along the highway. Boy was I wrong!

The grabber is super handy to have. The handle is easy to operate and grasp, even for someone with arthritis. It takes very little pressure to make the jaws grab things. It's also made with a non-slip coating so you hands won't slip off of it even if they are wet.

The jaws of the grabber also have a coating that is flexible and won't damage or crush anything that might be delicate, but also make it easy to pick up even very little things. I dropped a small piece of plastic on the floor to try picking it up with the grabber and was surprised that with no trouble at all the jaws got a hold of it. It even picked up a tiny stud earring for me! Yet they also were sturdy enough to grab a box of cereal on top of our pantry, well out of my reach.

If you know someone who has a bad back, knees, or other physical limitations, like being short like me, the Reach it Grab it would be perfect for them to have handy. It makes picking up all kinds of things easy. It makes reaching things up high or low much easier.

You can purchase your own Reach it Grab it HERE!

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