Saturday, July 11, 2015

Manually Grinding Coffee Is Super Easy and Better For A Richer, More Flavorful Cup Of Coffee

There are few things I like more than coffee. I may have mentioned this once or twice before. I really enjoy the flavor, aroma, well, pretty much everything about it. And I do prefer to grind my own beans for my coffee.

I received the neatest coffee grinder to try out and I am enjoying it. The Manual Coffee Grinder Company has a nifty Manual Burr Coffee Grinder that is perfect for home use, office, or camping.

You can grind coarse coffee for a French Press all the way to very fine for making Espresso. It comes with an easily adjustable grinding adjustment wheel that is stainless steel, assuring you that it will hold up over time. I love that it is made to last and is easy to use. The grinding arm is also stainless steel, sturdy and easy to manipulate.

The Burrs are made from high quality ceramic stone and were recently re-designed in a conical shape to give a more even grind. by doing this is helps to produce more of a mortar and pestle action which crushes the coffee beans between the burrs releasing more of the natural flavor and character of the coffee. You do need to know that it does not grind fast. You need to be patient with this grinder. It takes a bit to grind enough for several cups of coffee, but the slow grinding action helps the coffee to have a much richer and intense flavor and aroma. If a grinder chops and crushes the beans, great flavor can be lost. Let's face it, coffee is too expensive to mess it up!

The grinder comes with a glass storage jar that has an airtight lid you can use after grinding. The inside of the glass container has been designed to be extra smooth to prevent the ground coffee from sticking to the side, less waste that way! It also makes it easy to clean. Oh and it is of course dishwasher safe.

One thing I like is the silicone anti-slip mat that fits comfortably around the base of the glass container to keep it steady on the counter as you grind the coffee. It goes on and comes off easily and can be washed in the dishwasher (top shelf) or by hand.

I love that the lid and grinder attachment  fit not only the storage jar but also canning jars. I can grind coffee right into small canning jars to give as gifts with special flavor packets for a fantastic coffee experience. I don't have to grind it in one container and then move it to another. Love that!

The directions for adjusting the grind are easy to understand and it takes just a short while to learn the process and adjust it. Once you have learned it, it is super easy and can be done quickly.

I really like to grinder and thin it would be great to not only use at home to make one of two cups (especially for refillable k-cups) but also for taking along when camping and you have no electricity available.

You can purchase your own Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder Mill HERE!

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