Thursday, July 9, 2015

Flavorful, Fast, Easy Dishes For Your Next Party From Orange Crate

There's nothing like a fun party or get together with friends! I love them! I also love to share amazing things with my friends when we do get together and that's just what I was able to do thanks to Orange Crate.

Orange Crate is a fantastic food company that offers an amazing variety of items to make your meals and parties special. For the get together I was a part of we were able to have a Dip & Cheeseball Tasting. Oh my was it fun! I received all the goodies pictured above through Tryazon.

Getting ready for the party was so easy! All I had to do was mix a few ingredients I had with the packets that were sent to me from Orange Crate and we had 3 hot dips, 3 cold dips and 3 cheeseballs.

Here's what I got in the kit:
Hot Dip Seasoning Cheesy Onion Garlic
Hot Dip Seasoning Artichoke & Parmesan
Hot Dip Seasoning Pizza
Party Dip Recipe Box Lemon Dill
Party Dip Recipe Box Red Chipotle Pepper
Party Dip Recipe Box Sundried Tomato
Cheeseball Mix Garlic
Cheeseball Mix Country Vegetable
Cheeseball Mix Green Onion

Each and every one of the kits were super easy to mix and prepare for the get together. They really took very little time, in fact much less than I thought they would. I needed cream cheese, a little shredded cheese, small bit of garlic, mayonnaise, and artichoke hearts. I added tiny pepperoni pieces to the one dip as a garnish. Everything else needed was in each of the kits that came to me. I loved it! Simple, quick and flavorful!

But Orange Crate didn't just send along some of the dip and chesseball kits. They also sent me a few of their other products. They sent me two Brie Bakers and two Dip Chillers! These are fantastic items that made preparing the dips as well as serving them so much easier, and I can use them again and again. They are so attractive and looked great with the dips in them!

Each of the dips was full of fantastic flavor and worked well with chips, crackers and vegetables. It was tough for pretty much most of us to pick a favorite, they were all that good!

The ladies had a great time trying them all out and the majority of them went back for seconds (and a few thirds, lol). By the time the get together was over there was not a lot left. We really enjoyed them and are planning on getting more to share with each other later.

All of us thought the prices of each of their products were great too. It's an affordable and quick way to help a parity or get together go well and have flavorful dishes to share! Orange Crate offers fantastic items for a party, but also carries things to help prepare whole meals, like seasoning packets. They also have some really neat gift sets too. I'm impressed!

Having a great party can be as simple as just a few ingredients and calling some friends. Orange Crate makes it a lot of fun!

The reviewer has been compensated with receiving product free in order to bring you an honest review from Orange Crate through Tryazon. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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