Sunday, July 19, 2015

A Nice Set Of Brushes For The Beginning Artist Or Avid Crafter.

When it comes to crafting I tend to be a bit of a dabbler. I love art and I love creating. Over the years I have learned that having quality tools and supplies makes a big difference in the outcome of any project you are working on. Paint brushes are no exception to this. In fact having quality brushes can make all the difference.

Santa Fe Art Supply has a nice set of brushes that would be great for many crafters and artists, especially a young artist just starting out or crafter wanting a good set of brushes without breaking the bank!

What I really like is the case that the brushes come it. It is perfect for carrying all the brushes with you in a safe way, protecting the bristles and providing easy access to them as you work. The case is well padded and comes with a carry strap to put around your wrist or to hang from and easel or hook keeping them from taking up valuable table or work space.

The pop-up feature inside is a great idea. Each pocket is held in place with a Velcro strip. Those can be unattached and then set up to hold the brushes upright at a slight angle making it easy to see them and even more so, to pull them out of their pockets without damaging the bristles as you do so.

The brushes themselves are a good quality brush that can be used for a number of things; Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor, Gouache, Ink, & Face Paint. That's why I think this is a good starter set for a young budding artist. They can get a feel for a variety of brushes in several mediums and learn how to use them properly before spending a lot of money on specific brushes for specific mediums.

The handles on the brushes are long giving the artist a chance to experiment handling a brush and getting used to allowing it to be an extension of their arm. They are balanced fairly well, although I wish they felt a little more substantial in my hand as I was using them. The set comes with the 15 brushes and then a bonus brush with a shorter handle and ergonomic grip. I actually like that brush better than the 15 that are a part of the set.

Santa Fe Art Supply does offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and Lifetime Replacement Warranty on the set of brushes, which is a really nice bonus. You seldom get that with most art supplies.

I do have one complaint that must be addressed. When the brushes arrived there was a very foul new plastic smell to them and the case. It was quite hard to deal with and I had to leave the case opened and air it out for several weeks before I could use them. The smell still lingers even after 4 weeks! Just an FYI for you if you have trouble with some odors!

You can purchase your own set of Santa Fe  Art Supply Artist Brushes HERE!

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