Monday, June 15, 2015

Do You Have A Zubel?

There are several companies that I really, really like (okay maybe more than just several). if I have a chance to tell you about one of their products I want to do it because I think so much of their products.

Zubels is one of those companies. I love what they do and I love the products!

They sent me the sweetest little rattle to try out. It's the 7" doll rattle named Bruno Barkster the Dog. Isn't he just adorable!

All of Zubels products are made with 100% cotton and they are all hand knit. Each one is soft and made with the highest attention to detail. It's amazing to see the quality of the workmanship in each and every one of the toys and other products they carry! All the tiny details that are put into them just make that that much nicer and a much higher quality product that you know will be safe for your child to play with.

They are super easy to take care of. Simply wash them by hand using a gentle detergent (no bleach) to get any dirt or stains off. Roll the toy in a toll, pressing slightly, to absorb a lot of the excess moisture, then lay flat to dry. I would lay it on a screen or drying rack so air can get to all sides as it dries.

Zubels carries so many wonderful thing from the doll rattles like Bruno to larger hand knit dolls, hats, sweaters, booties, pants and special gift sets. There is something for everyone. And the items match each other. You can buy a hat, sweater, pants and toy that all fit the same theme, colors and design. And I can absolutely say they are all adorable!!

You can purchase your own Zubels Bruno Barkster the Dog Rattle Knit Doll or any of the other amazing items they carry HERE!

Connect with Zubels on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Plus in the lower right corner of their home page you can sign up to get their emails where they will send you sale information and coupons!

We received samples of the products for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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