Friday, May 8, 2015

Yumms BBQ Grill Mat Is A Must-Have For Anyone BBQing!!

Review by Lisa

Grills mats…I’m hooked! That’s what my husband told me after trying out a set of 2 grill mats made by Yumms! These grill mats work awesome!

Bill tested a set of 2- 15” x 13” BBQ grilling mats. They are non stick, prevent flare-ups and keep even the smallest food from falling through. Bill grilled some burgers and onions and it was so easy. The mat cooks everything evenly and caramelized the onions perfectly.

They have a special design that ensures even heat and easy flipping. They are hand washable and dishwasher safe, can be used on the grill or in the oven, and can handle heat up to 500° F. These mats can be used the same as silicone mats in the oven for baking. They can be cut to any size needed too.

Another great thing about using these grill mats are if you cook in a neighborhood or park you can grill without worrying about what was left behind. They also let you enjoy healthy grilling and are FDA approved and PFOA Free. You can use them on ANY type of grill - gas, iron, or electric.

I would defiantly recommend these grilling mats, they stand up to everything they claim to be! I am buying another set right a way and will never use messy foil on the grill again.

You can purchase your own Yumms BBQ Grilling Mats HERE!

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