Thursday, May 14, 2015

Traveling With Our Newfoundland and Keeping The Car Seats Clean

I love to travel around with my dog along. Our Newfoundland, Bender, loves to go for rides, but he's really rough on the upholstery! In fact, he pretty much fills up the entire back seat of our car. Some days I miss our van.

But I still like to have him with me. He's a good passenger and enjoys seeing the sites and barking at the occasional creature he sees along the route. I also love seeing the shocked faces of people when they see how big he is. When was the last time you saw a 120 pound dog in the back seat of a sedan? LOL! But he does leave a lot of hair and once in a while, okay more than once in a while, he leaves some drool. Have you ever had to clean up lots of long black fur from cloth seats? Not fun!!

I was excited to try out something to help protect the upholstery in our car recently. I had very high hopes for it. It's the Zitriom Seat Cover for Dogs & Pets.

The seat cover is made from weatherproof durable heavy duty quilted polyester material. It comes in a neutral beige color with brown trim and is get this, machine washable! That's wonderful! And I do suggest washing it when you first get it. it has a new plastic smell to it when you open the box and washing it takes that away some.

We had a little trouble getting the cover installed. Our back seat has different headrests than shown in the pictures on the box the cover comes in. It took us a bit to figure out how to keep the strap around the headrests to stay in place. We got them to stay for a while, but do have to fix them after having the dog in the car for very long. Unfortunately even the extra bit of strap and hook that come with the cover didn't seem to help either. The side elastic straps held the cover for the most part, although it would hold much better on bench seats in a van, CRV, or SUV.

What did help keep the seat cover from going too far were the Stay-put devices. There are two of them and they tuck into the back seat crack and holds the cover still on the seat. There are also several openings in the cover to accommodate seat belts so both your fur babies and your human babies can be safe in the back seat!

I love how it is much easier to clean the hair off the seat cover than the seats, although we still get some on the backs of the front seats. After all we are traveling with a ginormous dog! You're bound to get hair somewhere with him around. LOL!

Both my husband and I are not sure if we will continue using the cover. We love the idea, but it just does not stay put enough with our big dog. Now when we travel with the little Chorkie, Scruffy, who weighs a mere 10 pounds, we have no trouble with it. I think it would do great even for medium sized dogs. But for a large dog, if you do not have a bench seat it is not as easy to use.

You can purchase your own Zitriom Seat Cover for Dogs & Pets HERE!

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