Sunday, May 3, 2015

Processing Food Is Super Easy and Efficient With the Bellemain Potato Ricer

I've mentioned this before (and probably will again), but having good kitchen equipment is important and very much worth the cost. And although I love having fun electronic things that make kitchen work easier and faster, there is something to be said for good time proven kitchen gadgets that are non-electronic.

One of those fabulous pieces is from Bellemain. It's the Bellemain Stainless Steel Potato Ricer. I have been enjoying the chance to try this out and see all it can do.

I grew up helping my Mom use her potato ricer. It was one of those basket gadgets with big metal handles that were hard to press and the food (almost always potatoes) would come out the holes on the sides and the bottom. The Bellemain Potato Ricer is not quite like that. There are holes that the food comes out, but they are only in the bottom. I love that! You can control where you want the food to land. I distinctly remember the food kind of going places it shouldn't have when I helped my Mom with her old potato ricer.

The basket of the ricer is larger than the one my Mom used to have. I was pleasantly surprised with how much it can hold making the time needed to get the food from the stove to the table much faster. The handles of the ricer help make the process faster too and are very comfortable. The extra-long handles position your hand farther from the fulcrum point of the ricer, which multiplies the amount of force at the basket with less effort at your end. Plus, they have silicone cushions for even more comfort. It is really easy to get a lot of food pressed through in no time.

The ricer comes with three changeable discs. All of them are easy to insert and remove and when storing the ricer you can keep all three in it so as not to lose them. Use the coarse disc for homemade pasta, egg salad or fibrous vegetables like sweet potatoes. The medium disc is great for potatoes. The fine disc strains cooked fruits and vegetables to the right consistency for those on a soft food diet and is perfect for making home made baby food.

The ricer is made from chrome plated stainless steel. It is sturdy and solid, but not so heavy to prevent you from using it with a large quantity of food. I love that it has a small bowl rest extension that lets you suspend the ricer over a bowl while allowing your hands to be free to transfer food from the cooking pot to the basket. Also cleaning is a breeze. It is dishwasher safe and the pressing mechanism inside the basket swings out and clear of the basket making cleaning it super easy!

I'm really glad to have added this tool to my kitchen and am looking forward to using it a lot more.

You can find your own Bellemain Stainless Steel Potato Ricer HERE!

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