Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Calling The Herd Back Home

Once upon a time I was a little girt who lived on a farm. It was awesome. We would run through the fields, through the woods, all over the barn, down at the creek and back an forth between my cousin's house and the neighbor's house. We had so much fun. We'd get up in the morning, do our chores and then take off knowing that if Mom wanted us we would hear her call us with the big whistle she had. When she blew that whistle we knew we had better come running back home, or else!

My kids were similar, although they never had the joy of growing up on a farm. In the summer though they would play outside for as long as possible and wait to hear me call them home. I never used a whistle like my Mom, but then I never had to have the kids hear me as far away from the house as we used to go as kids.

I think my Mom could have used something just a little, no a lot louder than the whistle. Oh she could get that whistle going pretty well, but I think she needed something like I recently got in the mail......a very, very loud cowbell! Funny she never thought of taking one off of one of the cows. Hmmmm?

Stewart Trading LLC sent me the neatest CowBell to try out. Now it's not intended for making a ruckus to call the kids home, although it would work for that. It was made specifically for using at sports events. I know you have heard them before either in person or on tv at least watching the Olympics.

This bell is so much fun to use. It's really, really loud. You can't miss the distinct sound and the very cool thing is you can decorate it! It comes with a smooth white base that you can paint over or apply stickers, well all kinds of decorations! It's perfect to decorate with your favorite sports team logo or with the name of a wedding couple or even someone's name for their birthday. If it is something you want to celebrate and make a loud noise at, this is what you need.

The black stick grip handle is easy to hang on to and you can ring the bell to your hearts content, or until your ears give out (did I mention that it is loud). I know it is something my Mom could have used to get all us kids back home. We would have heard it from quite a distance. It would make quite an impact at any sporting event to help cheer your team on too.

Believe me, this is a fun CowBell to use! Now if I can just figure out how I want to decorate it!

You can purchase your own Stewart Trading LLC Cow Bell HERE! Oh and it comes in tons of other base colors too, so it would be ready for any sports team color or to fit a specific theme at a party!

Find out more at CowBells4U!

So how do you call your kids to come back inside from playing? Tell us in the comments!!

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