Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Smart Weigh Bathroom Memory Scale Truly Is Smart and Motivating

There are bathroom scales and then there are Bathroom Scales! Smart Weigh has a fantastic Bathroom Memory Scale that we got to try out and I think you would like as well.

The first thing that we really like about the scale is it's low profile. It sits low to the floor and does not look obtrusive at all. It is also very sleek and good looking. I love the silver color and the fact that it has a tempered non-slip glass top. You can stand on it with wet feet and you won't slip.

The weight display is very easy to see and bright enough you can even use it in the dark. Even my husband who has seriously bad vision can see the display well enough to use it. Most scales he has trouble with.

Weighing yourself on this scale is pretty nifty. The memory program is so nice that even if someone else uses the scale, when you step on it recognizes you (there has to be a 4.4 lb. difference between users for this function to work, otherwise you need to tap the scale twice to have it reach your user records). It will show you your current weight and the weight previously. It's a very good motivator.

Weighing yourself can be fun too. If you have lost weight the light on the readout will be green showing the progress you have made. If you have gained weight it will be red, something that is Not fun to see! The weight capacity is up to 440 pounds, so it should more than do the job for any family!

The scale also tells you when there is a problem, like if it has been moved and needs to be recalibrated. The instruction book that comes with it is easy to use and helps you fix any kind of problem that may arise. It also comes with the 4 AAA batteries you need to operate it.

This would be a great scale for any family to have.

You can purchase your own Smart Weigh Bathroom memory Scale HERE! It comes in the silver like ours or black.

We received samples of the products for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed here are those of the author

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