Monday, April 20, 2015

The Airbundle Silicone Ice Ball Tray

One thing I really don't like is a drink where the ice melts so fast that it does not keep the drink cold. A fun way to keep that from happening is by using ice balls! They last a lot longer than standard ice cubes do.

Airbundle has a fun silicone mold for making ice balls. It's a great size and is easy to use. It's made of BPA free, dishwasher and freezer safe food grade silicone. We've been having fun with this at our house. The bottom of the tray has stable footing so it sits well in your freezer. it's easy to place the two pieces together and to remove the ice once frozen!

How does this work? Here's a quick step by step:
-Place the mold in sink and fill mold with distilled water to the top rim. Tap water will work but could bubble and create a cloudy ice ball. (we used a funnel)
-Press down on the top mold and release any excess water between the top and bottom molds.
-Place mold on a flat surface in the freezer.
-Once frozen, remove the top mold and place on the counter upside down.
-Flip the bottom mold over the top mold and separate the edges until the ice releases into the top mold slots.
Note: The mold should separate from the ice very easily.

So far, we have not tried the distilled water, only tap, and it has worked just fine for us. I'm not so concerned if the ice ball is a little cloudy. I'm more concerned that it's cold and keeps my drink the same way. I've had a little trouble getting the mold to fill completely without spilling out some, so the tops (or bottoms) of the balls have flat spots. But it's not a big deal once it is in the drink!

The ice balls stay solid for a good length of time, much longer than a standard ice cube. I just wish we had more of the trays so we could keep them around more !

One way we have enjoyed using the ice balls is for a treat for our Newfoundland. The size of  the ice is perfect for him and he enjoys chewing on them a lot!

These are great for using at a party so people don't have to get as much ice with every drink, but you do have to plan far enough in advance to make enough ice!

You can purchase your own Airbundle Ice Ball Tray HERE! (mine is shown in black and it is now available in blue)

We received samples of the products for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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