Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Teething, Something We All Look Forward To ~ NOT!!

Teething...something that every parent looks forward to. NOT!! Going through teething with your children can be a rough time, from the excessive drooling, the crankiness and pain that comes with it, and the chewing and gnawing on everything! We all try to find ways to help our little ones through this stage of growth, and one of the ways is to have plenty of teethers that they and you can keep handy for them to rub their sore gums on.

Beabies has a really fun teether that is for both baby and mom, the Teething necklace and Bracelet. I think it is a fantastic idea.

The necklace and bracelet are made from BPA free, FDA approved food grade silicone. The beads are hard but still soft enough to give a little while baby is chewing on them. The bracelet is made of the same material and can be worn by mom or just handed to your little one to play with and chew on.

What I really like is that the necklace and bracelet can be used just as they are or can be placed in the freezer to cool down, which will further help with the discomfort of the whole teething process. You can even toss these into the dishwasher to clean them.

I also really appreciate the clasp. It is not like other necklaces. There are no rings or hooks or pieces that have to be screwed into the next. The two parts pop together snugly and pop apart easily too. That's very handy, because if baby pulls hard enough it will just pop the necklace off instead of breaking your neck or the necklace!

Whoever came up with this idea was really thinking, because these are wonderful! They would make a wonderful gift for any mom or even grandma!

And as a bonus, I found this nifty chart for you. It's good to know or be reminded about when to expect those little teeth to start popping in and for how long!

teething timeline

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