Friday, April 3, 2015

Protect You Home and Property With The Help of GR8 Goodz

I think in this day and age, no one would disagree with me that safety is very important. We, especially as home owners, need to be vigilant taking care of our homes and the people who live in them.

GR8 Goodz is a company that understands the importance of protection with providing a product that is one of the first lines of protection, light. The LED Wireless Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light is something that is so easy to use and will help protect your home without any more money than the initial cost to buy it. No electricity, no batteries, no cords, just the sun runs this light. As someone who tries to use less and less energy all the time, this is wonderful!

My husband decided he wanted to place ours on our outside shed. The area where the shed is can get very dark and it would be easy for anyone to sneak around it and break in. He also walks the dogs out that way and at night it can be rough to see where you are going even with a head lamp on. The extra light from the LED Wireless Solar Powered Motion Sensor Light is making a difference.

Rick said it was easy to install, much fasted than he thought. (Yes, I know our shed desperately needs a paint job. LOL!!) It took him more time to get the ladder out of the shed than to actually install the light.

At the top of the light is the solar panel that charges up the light all day long. When you first install it, seven hours of light are needed to charge it fully. Once it is completely charged it recharges quicker and keeps its charge very well. I'm not going to say that this is a huge bright light that shines around your whole yard. It's not. What it does is gives enough light to help illuminate a small area and provide an extra field of light and security. Just that fact that as someone approaches it turns on bright may be enough to startle them and scare them away from messing with your property.

There is a 9 foot arc that causes the light to come on brightly. As long as someone or something with a heat signature is in the field of light, it will stay on. After the heat signature leaves it will remain on for about 10 seconds and then turn off to it's dim mode, which is not very bright at all, just kind of a small glow. When the sun comes up, the light completely turns off and starts charging. At dusk the dim mode comes on again. Simple, easy and effective for around any home and in many uses. 

I think we may get a few more of these, especially since it also comes with a hook that you can place the light somewhere and then move it to another place where you need it. This would be great for camping too!

I highly recommend this light to you!

We received samples of the products for the purpose of review. All opinions expressed here are those of the author.


  1. I love that it has no batteries and cords. I would love this for the front of my house. I have a light in the back but not in the front.

  2. it's well worth the money! it's not a hugely bright light, but it's enough to make a difference!