Tuesday, April 7, 2015

GrillJunkie Burger A Day Cookbook Is Awesome ~ Something For Every Grilling Fanatic

It's very exciting that grilling season is here. We love to grill at our house and will grill as often as we can. And if I am to be honest, we really don't have a grilling season cause we grill all year long. Yep, we are some of those weirdos who will grill in the snow! Did I mention we love our grill?!

I was really excited to try out this awesome cookbook just for grilling; GrillJunkie Burger a Day Cookbook by Arnie Tomaino. Wow! This is an awesome cookbook!!

Here is what is in it:
~ 365+ Burger Recipes with complete ingredient list and step-by-step instructions.
~ 7 Burger Meat Categories!
~ A Comprehensive Tips, Techniques and Tools section designed to keep you at the top of your grilling game.
~ A “Juicy” History of the Hamburger!
~ Bonus Grilled Fruit, Vegetable and Dessert Recipes that will make you the talk of the neighborhood.

We have had a great time going through this cookbook. There are so many recipes that it's hard to figure out which one to try first! There are tons of meat choices and recipes to fit anyone's diet and likes. They even have veggie burger recipes included.

One of our favorite recipes is the Groovin' Reuben Burger. This one is fantastic!!

But what I really like is that there are side dish recipes, sauces, rubs and more! Everything you need to be able to use your grill to its fullest, it's here in this cookbook.

Here's a favorite rub of mine, the Wake 'Em Up Coffee Rub! It is sooooo good!

If you can think it up, it's probably already in this cook book. The recipes are easy to read, easy to follow and have great directions and tips. Each one has step by step instructions so you can't go wrong!

But if you aren't convinced, check this out!

This is a fantastic cookbook and I think anyone who loves to grill will enjoy it!

You can purchase your own copy of GrillJunkie Burger A Day Cookbook HERE!!

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  1. My husband would love this cookbook. He's the griller in our family. Burgers off the grill are always so good but I'd like to mix it up sometimes. These look to be good recipes to do that!