Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Set Of Nice Brushes For Crafting Around Your House

I love to craft and do DIY projects around the house, so I am always looking for products that will help me do the jobs or crafts I want to do and not break the bank.

Wholeness Home has a set of 3 heavy duty paint brushes that will help me out with many of my projects.

The bristles on the brush will work with acrylic, latex and water based paints. I think they are perfect for quickly coating a project with gesso or a base layer of paint. It's perfect for some of the collages I do. The bristles give a nice even stroke and cover the paper a lot quicker than my smaller brushes. I like how the tips of the bristles are finer and can be used to lightly touch up something without applying a ton of the paint, and it offers a smooth coat too.

They wash out easily. Just warm water and soap and they come clean fast. I also like that the wooden handles are not heavy. You can work for some time without your hands or arms getting overly tired. Plus they are clearly marked 1½", 2½", and 3", making it easy to see what size you have quickly.

A fair set of brushes to do a lot of jobs in the craft room or around the house.

You can purchase your own set of Wholeness Home Paint brushes HERE!

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