Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Win An Exclusive Night Out With Up To 5 Of Your Friends Thanks To Purex!!

National Mom’s Night Out™ will take place on Thursday, May 8, 2014, and will be bigger than ever with AFFIRM films ( a division of Sony Pictures) and Provident Films release of ‘Mom’s Night Out’. What started as a single Tweet encouraging moms to join together to celebrate motherhood has grown into a national event and now a motion picture. Moms all over the US will be able to celebrate National Mom’s Night Out™ on May 8th and then take the family to see ‘Moms’ Night Out’ the movie on May 9th.

This is something I know I will look forward to and know my closest friends will too. I can see us all out for the night enjoying ourselves. I also know we are looking forward to seeing the movie too! 

Take an exclusive peek at the movie thanks to Purex!
Watch The Trailer

My ideal night out involves going somewhere to be creative. All of my closest friends and I love to craft and one of our favorite things to do is stamp. I can see us spending some great time stamping special cards for the people we love! 

Here are some card ideas we could make planning ahead for the year!

Then we would have to go out to eat at one of our favorite places, Olive Garden!!

With some amazing food, fun, and lots of conversation and laughter!!

Being a mom is the hardest job of all, but sometimes moms need a break too! That’s why Purex is celebrating Mother’s Day and the release of Sony’s new motion picture, Moms’ Night Out, by giving away a night out for you and up to five friends.

Here are the Prizes: 

One Grand Prize Winner
Limo service for the evening
Dinner at a nice restaurant
6 free movie tickets/passes
$100 bucks for movie snacks

10 runners up
4 free movie tickets/passes

What a FUN night that would be!!

Click any of the images above to enter for your chance to win a Night out with up to five of your friends!!

So how do you plan on celebrating Mom's Night Out? Share your perfect idea of a night out with your friends in the comments below!

I received this information as a part of the Purex Insiders. I was not compensated in any way for this post!

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