Thursday, March 6, 2014

Amazing Bread Mixes From Tribes-A-Dozen Along With A Giveaway!!

My house smells so nice right now. Why you may ask? Well because I just finished baking two incredible loaves of bread. There is just something about fresh bread, the smell, the flavor, the texture, it's all amazing!

Tribes-A-Dozen was kind enough to send me two of their All Natural Egg Bread Mixes, Voila! Hallah Whole Wheat and Voila! Hallah Traditional, to test in my kitchen. I'm glad they did.

I learned to make bread when I was about 9-10 using the same antique bowl my Mom and her Mom both used to learn to make bread in. Bread making is a HUGE tradition in our family! By the way, I have and still use that antique bow! I love to bake and I often am searching for ways to make amazing baked goods and save some time too. It's not easy. Home made bread takes time, sometimes a LOT of time. Tribes-A-Dozen has put together some amazing bread mixes that have shortened the time, yet have kept the true bread baking experience.

The boxes come with the best directions I have seen on any baking mix. The mixes come with the bread mix in one pouch and a yeast packet. You add oil, egg, water and possibly other ingredients from home. They even tell you exactly what you need for the egg wash, the bowl your bread raises in and the board you shape your dough on, all in a lot of detail so you won't mess it up. It could not be more detailed and so simple!

Here's A little about their recipe:
Our recipes are all natural, relying on tried and true ingredients in their purest forms. We use only premium ingredients in our bread mixes. Our whole grain — wheat and spelt–flours are certified organic, as is our flavoring. Our products are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union (OU). 
Whole grains offer a rich, natural source of nutrients that the body can efficiently process. Including more whole grains in a diet has many health benefits and reduces the risk of a host of diseases. 
Bread made from Spelt, a superior whole grain with more than 30% more protein than wheat, is gentle on the digestive tract. Its high protein content is good for vegetarian diets. Spelt’s low glycemic index — a slower breakdown of its carbohydrates — makes it suitable for people with diabetes. Consult your healthcare provider for any special dietary needs.

One thing I was so impressed with is how much they focus on being environmentally conscious too. I love this from their site: Every single mix is made with love in an environmentally friendly facility.

Tribes-A-Dozen is available coast-to-coast at Walmart, Giant Foods, Central Market, MOM’s Organic, Acme, Specialty Markets and others being added daily. 

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Here's a little of my bread baking today!
One of the most important things in baking bread is the liquid temperature. Too hot and you cook the yeast. Too cold they won't grow.

This is the Whole Wheat Egg Bread straight from the oven. Wow does it smell good!! I'm not the best when it comes to braiding bread dough, but it still tastes good. My husband loved them both and can't decide which is his favorite. After trying both, he said he would have to do a second take just to makes sure. Hmmm?

The traditional Egg Bread right from the oven. My husband is more fond of, as he calls it, bread shaped bread, so I made a traditional loaf. They also have directions for making rolls. The mix would make amazing buns for burgers!

Two absolutely lovely loaves of bread waiting to be cut and enjoyed.

Doesn't this look good? Want a slice?

I am so excited to let you know that Tribes-A-Dozen has offered to send to one of my readers, that's you, the same two bread mixes I got. That's very nice of them, and I know you will enjoy it!! Just use the Rafflecopter below to enter. Thanks Tribes-A-Dozen!

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  1. I have baked bread with a friend or the frozen loaf kind. Any bread is my favorite.

  2. I have made my own bread, but just a few times, I would love to try this kind! Thanks for the chance!

  3. Yes, I like to make bread, and my favorite is whole wheat bread.

  4. I like making dinner rolls wheat and white.

  5. I have never baked bread before

  6. We bake bread quite often, using the KitchenAid mixer to knead the bread. My favorite is a Honey/Oat bread or dinner rolls.