Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Labels For Education Can Make A Big Difference!!

I'm sure most of you, if not all of you are familiar with Box Tops For Education. But are you also familiar with Labels For Education? My family and I have been saving them for many years now to help out a very special organization, Shepherds Ministries.

Labels For Education is promoted by the Campbell's company and benefits schools and non-profit organizations by individuals collecting labels, turning them in to their local school or non-profit organization so they in turn can redeem them for all kinds of things to help them out, from sports equipment, arts and craft supplies, and academic supplies.

It's easy to collect the labels. Actually you don't need to collect the whole label, just the part that contains the UPC, like in the example below.

Some products have higher value points on them and help you raise even more for the organization you are supporting. Products have either 1 points, 5 points or 10 points on them. You can also sign up with Labels for Education and receive information for bonus points. 

There are over 2600 participating products, so there are lots and lots of ways to save labels for your school! I keep an envelope on the shelf in my kitchen and as I come across a label I cut out the UPC and put it there right away so I don't forget to later.

On the site you can check to see if your school is saving the labels. if they are not, you can become a coordinator for your school so they can start earning free items. it's pretty easy to do and it is really rewarding to help out. Schools and non-profit organizations are so strapped for money these days, so any little bit really does help a lot!

On the site you can download a complete list of all the products the labels are on. I know this comes in really handy for me. it makes it easy for me to know for sure about a product. And I'll admit, if I see two similar products and one has a Label For Education on it and the other doesn't, I opt for the one with the label that will help! That's a no brainer for me!

I hope all of you who save Box Tops For Education will consider saving Labels For education as well (if you don't already). And those of you who don't save for either I wish you would consider it. Like I said, any little bit really does help. My little bit and your little bit and everyone else's little bits really do add up to a LOT!

So what of the Campbell products do you use on a regular basis that you can cut labels from? Let us know in the comments below!

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