Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Sweet, Yummy Treats I know You'll Enjoy

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There's something about a special little treat, especially if it is from someone you love. The treat becomes something extra and you appreciate it even more. But, whose to say that you can't get yourself a special treat now and then.

Veronica's Treats is a very special place that has amazing little and big treats for all the people you love and want to spoil, and a few things for you too.

I was thrilled when I got three Cake Pops in the mail and could not wait to bite into one. They looked so yummy and so pretty. Each one was decorated with a Valentine's theme and had a yummy chocolate cake center that was moist and oh so good.

The Cake Pops are about the size of a ping pong ball (1.5 oz.) and come individually wrapped, ready to give to a special person or two or three or more. The bottoms of the pops are flat so they can stand up giving you the chance to set them in location for your friend or loved one to find easily. Here's what Veronica has to say about them:
  Have you tried CAKE POPS, the newest sensation? Well, you should! This adorable treat has a secret combination of ingredients to make it ridiculously delicious!! Our rich, fudgy, double chocolate cake recipe is baked then mixed with just the right amount of cream cheese frosting; made into bite size cake balls; drenched in white chocolate or milk chocolate coating; placed on a stick, then embellished with beautiful Valentine's Day designs (assorted sprinkles and drizzle). Some describe it as a truffle; some say the inside tastes like brownie batter. However you describe it, you will be hooked!
When she says you will be hooked, I'm pretty sure she is right. They really are that good!

I loved looking on the website at all the options available for the Cake Pops. You can get them in what is called Standard Valentine's Colors or you can ask for three special decorated coatings (for a small extra fee). They also have the following cake flavors, Vanilla, Double Chocolate, Lemon, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Red Velvet. Plus if you would rather have your Cake Pops look like a regular lollipop instead of free standing, you can do that too. I really love all the options available when you order. Oh, and they don't mind special orders either!

These cute little Cake Pops would be great to give to your co-workers or for your kids to share with their friends, or how about a special box of them for you spouse. A simple, yet wonderful gift to let them know how special they are and it saves you time and energy! I like that. Plus, have I mentioned how good they are?!

You can find the YUMMY Cake Pops on Veronica's Treat HERE! And I highly recommend you give them a try. Seriously, they are that good!

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