Friday, January 5, 2018

Meal Prep Is A Breeze With This Kitchen Gadget

When it comes to cooking, I love to have things that help me make the job easier and faster. I may have mentioned that to all of you before. Well, it's still true and I think the older I get, the more so I enjoy ease in cooking prep and clean-up.

Lewonde has a tool that is fantastic at helping make cooking a breeze, while making clean-up easy too. I love this kitchen gadget that does more than one thing and is super easy to store and use.

The Vegetable Chopper, or to be more precises the Vegetable Chopper Dicer Food Cutter Mandoline Slicer Cheese Grater Citrus Juicer (phew), is a fantastic way to help you prepare meals and not have to use a zillion other products to do so. Seriously, this thing does it all and in a small space.

It comes in one easy to store container that also helps you see what you are cutting and contains it from going all over the counter or flying out of a bowl. It has 8 inserts that help slice, cut and shred food for everything from salad to main dishes. It also has a nifty little extra gadget that helps you clean it up. I had another version of this from a different company, and it does not do as much nor is it easy to store and take care of. I am always loosing a blade or piece and then have to play hide-and-seek to find the missing part.

With this Vegetable Chopper, everything is conveniently stored in the bottom of the container and in special slots to hold the pieces. It is easy to get them out and easy to put back in. When you are all done it all packs up neatly and everything is in one place. No more playing hide-and-seek to find the missing bits. I love that.

Each insert is nice and sharp and cuts food quickly and evenly. It has a guard to hold vegetables so your fingers are protected. And the largest slicer comes with a special guard that covers the blade to protect your fingers as you take it in and out to use. That is a wonderful thing to have, especially after I have sliced my finger on my old one more times than I care to admit.

When you live in a small house or apartment, this is the kind of thing you want around. But I think living in a big house you would want it too. Anything that makes meal prep so much more pleasant and easy is something I am all for in my house no matter the size.

You can find the Lewonde Vegetable Chopper HERE!

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