Sunday, January 29, 2017

A Fantastic Infuser Pitcher Fro Fruit Or Tea

Since I gave up drinking any kind of soda and other sugary drinks, I have looked for things to drink besides just water and coffee. Okay, and tea too. But to find things that don't have sugar or have sweeteners that aren't good for you is hard, especially ones I can afford. So many are crazy expensive and I can't justify that expense.

The one thing I have really enjoyed is making my own infused water. It's so refreshing and I can come up with basic flavors or make my own unique ones. That's why I was thrilled to try out this really neat Infuser Pitcher from MAMI WATA. I have tried a few others, but this one is really nice.

The pitcher holds 2 liters with the insert in it or 2.3 liters without. That means I can make a pitcher full and not have to make more in several hours like I have to with my infuser tumbler. I drink a lot of water and this saves me time. I also like the shape of the pitcher. Since it is straight on 2 sides and curved on the other two, it is easier to fit in the fridge than a round one. It saves space.

It comes with two inserts, one for fruit, veggies, and herbs (or any fun combination of them all) and it comes with an insert for tea. This makes the pitcher that much more enjoyable for me. I love a good glass of iced tea, and I can make it quickly with this infuser. The pitcher is made of thick, durable Tritan, an environmental-friendly material that is not acrylic or glass so will not shatter. It is BPA free and is heat and stain resistant so does not collect refrigerator odors and can be put in a dishwasher to clean. I love that! It can handle cold and hot water, so brewing tea or infusing fruit is a breeze.

The pitcher has a great silicone seal on it. Nothing leaks when it is attached correctly. The handle is easy to grip and easy to pour with. Near the top of the handle is a 'switch' that opens or closes the pitcher. It's very easy to operate and can be done with the hand holding the handle while holding a glass to pour in to.

You also get a bonus with the pitcher too. It comes with a nice silicone ice ball mold. The ice balls end up being a good size to fit in a good number of glass sizes. It's easy to fill the mold and freeze. We have enjoyed it a lot. I like to fill it with organic, sugar-free fruit juice and freeze, then drop the ice ball in some of the water I have infused in the pitcher.

You can even make fun fruit pops with the mold. Just fill with juice or flavored water, place a popsicle stick in the small opening in the top and freeze. Slip the top of the mold off over the sticks and enjoy. Easy and fun for a special treat!

I know I will be using this Infuser Pitcher a lot and the ice ball mold often too. This is one product I can highly recommend to you!

You can purchase the MAMI WATA Infuser Pitcher HERE!

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