Thursday, December 8, 2016

Nice Little Folding Step Stool with Anti Slip Dots

Ever find yourself where you can't reach something. You almost can, but you are just not tall enough. I find myself in that position a lot. Being only 5'5" I tend to be too short for a lot of things, especially for the cupboards in my kitchen. I think a very tall person designed it!

ORGALIF has come to my rescue! Oh I have a bigger multi-step stool, but it is, well, bigger and often too big for what I need. It often does not fit in the space I need it to and it is bulky to carry around. Most of the time I just need one small step up to get what I am reaching for. That's where the ORGALIF Step Stool has really helped!

This little step stool has been so handy to have around the house. It's extremely lightweight and easy to carry around with the built-in handle. It can be opened with just one hand by tilting the legs, then it can be folded back up with just one hand by grabbing the handle.

The step on the stool is 9" x 11", so there is plenty of room to just step up on the step and both feet fit comfortably. Then when it folds down it is only 2" wide, so it can store in a lot of places!!

I really like the little anti-slip dots on the step. It gives you a more secure footing and I feel safe using it. The step stool can also hold up to 350 lbs! That's a lot for such a small little step stool! Plus the legs are placed in a way that keeps the step stool very stable. I've been on many in my days that just did not feel secure, even some much larger!

This is a great little step stool and would be a great addition to anyone's home. I can see it being used for kids in the bathroom. Just right for them to reach higher and yet you don't have to leave it out all the time. It can be folded up when they are done and put in a place where they can easily find it. I see it also being used at the bedside for some of the beds that are really high, or again, for your kids to climb in and out easily. Or how about your pet getting up and down off the bed or couch. There are lots of places this little step stool would come in handy, even in your camper or vehicles, especially since it is so compact!

You can purchase your own ORGALIF Step Stool HERE! And it is at a great price!!

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  1. My wife could use this step stool for reaching stuff around the house since she is only 5' tall. It's nice that it folds up so it could sit almost anywhere without taking up much space too.