Saturday, November 12, 2016

This Watch Is Possible Appealing To Young Teens

Rick Check out a watch for me. Here's what he though about it.

“Possibly appealing to young teens”

This watch, the Cofuo Men's Sport Outdoor Digital Watch,  is easily readable except for the “day” indicator, which is very small. It displays the time in both digital and analog forms simultaneously, which has very limited value but may be a pleasing look for some wearers. The “analog” display does not involve actual “hands” but uses an LED simulation. The one practical use of this feature that I can see is that two time zones can be displayed simultaneously, since the two time indicators are set independently.

The watch has four buttons, as many do, but uses them in combinations I have never seen before. However, the instructions are simple to follow. The one exception is the method for changing the lighting. The watch has seven different light settings, but I found no explanation for how to change them. It is done by simply holding in the upper left button for three seconds, at which time the lighting changes every three or so seconds until the button is released.

The “light variety” feature is one reason I would recommend the watch primarily for young teens. Many adults would also be unable to wear this watch because the band would not be long enough to fit a larger than average wrist.

The alarm and stopwatch features are simple to use. The watch is powered by a coin cell battery, included. I did not find information on what size battery is used – is may be on the back panel, but most of the printing there was covered, ironically, by a quality assurance approval sticker.

You can learn more and purchase the Cofuo Men's Outdoor Digital Watch HERE!

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