Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A good basic Chopper For The Average Home Cook

As far as I am concerned, there is nothing like kitchen tools that help make a job go faster. One of those kinds of tools I like are food choppers.

Native Spring has a Classic Stainless Steel Food Chopper that is good to help make sometimes long jobs, shorter.

The chopper top and blades are made of stainless steel. The handle and the small cup on the chopper are made of plastic. The blades of the chopper are nice and sharp and cut through pretty much everything easily.  With each push of the handle on the top the blades go down, cut and then rotate a quarter turn as they go back up to then chop the next time in a different spot. The chopping action is fairly smooth and easy to control. Like other choppers I have tried, this one can work fairly fast to get the job done easily.

For the most part I like this chopper. It is easy to use and it is not big and bulky. Again, the blades are sharp and they cut well and it is easy to clean with rinsing in hot soapy water. My problem is the cup on the bottom. The plastic just seems a little cheap to me. I am afraid one good drop and it will break.

Also the base of the cup does not come off easily, and I find that disappointing. Sometimes I don't want to chop in the cup. Also having the cup attached and the bottom not coming off easily, you can't use the chopper if it is not and it limits how much you can chop in it. Once the food reaches a certain level, it is hard to continue chopping and getting complete cuts all the way through. You have to do much smaller batches. I have gotten the bottom of the cup to come off, but it sticks a lot and it is hard to remove.

Overall, it is not a bad chopper and does a good job cutting things up fast. It is just not one of the best I have tried. It would be good for an average cook, but not for a serious cook.

You can purchase the Native Spring Classic Stainless Steel Food Chopper HERE!

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