Saturday, October 8, 2016

Artisan Loaves Of Bread Made At Home So Easily!

This time of year I always get a hankering for fresh bread. I think it's because the evenings start to get nice and cool and a slice of warm bread is always a comforting thing when I am chilly.

I love baking bread and shaping the loaves in proofing baskets. It's super easy and I love having unique loaves of bread to share with my family & friends.

Two nice proofing baskets I have recently tried out are from Bread Story. One is for a large 10 Inch Round Banneton and the other is a 10 Inch Oval Banneton.

Both of these proofing baskets are made from handmade, hand-crafted unbleached natural rattan cane that is eco-friendly, food-safe, and non-toxic and can hold up to three pounds of dough. That's a good deal of dough for a good large loaf! The nice thing is, you can also use these to make smaller loaves too.

Both baskets come with a removable cloth liner that you can place the dough on top for a loaf without ring marks, or use to cover the basket as the dough rises to insure that the dough gets shaped to the rings of the basket giving them an artisan look.

The round one also comes with a flexible dough or bowl scraper, and both come with an ebook on baking sourdough bread, baking class discount, instructions, and future coupon to use. The ebook has tips and recipes to help in using these proofing baskets for all kinds of great loaves of bread and how to care for them for continued long-term use.

Using the baskets is easy. When you first get them you need to spray them on the inside with water to get them damp, but not soaking wet. A spritzer kind of bottle sprayer is perfect for this. Then coat the basket inside with a good coating of flour. What this does is "season" the basket to prevent the dough from sticking. You might have to do this once or twice more to get a good layer of flour built up inside the baskets, but it is worth it. The loaves of bread that can be shaped in these are so nice to have for special events and everyday use! If you are careful with these, you can get years of use out of them.

We really enjoy bread made in these proofing baskets. The loaves come out nice and ready bake. They look fantastic sitting on the table ready to serve or with several of these in a basket. Oh and one tied in plastic with a ribbon and card makes a really nice gift!

You can purchase the Bread Story 10 Inch Round Banneton HERE!
You can purchase the Bread Story 10 Inch Oval Banneton HERE!

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