Sunday, September 4, 2016

Nice Sprayer Nozzle From RAAYA

This time of year there are a lot of things you need to do around your house to get ready for the winter season. I like to get a head start on things so I am not rushed at the last minute.

Some of those things are rinsing off patio and yard furniture, cleaning the grill, cleaning the windows outside, just to name a few. It's always nice to have a good spray nozzle for your hose to help you with some of these projects.

RAAYA has a nice sprayer wand that I am liking for the most part. The nozzle has 9 settings and a trigger grip that makes it easy to spray. The handle is fairly comfortable even when spraying for a long time. There is also a pressure valve to allow for more or less water to flow through.

Here are the 9 settings:

I like most of the settings. The one I use the most seems to be the flat. It gives a nice even coverage of water when I water my plants. It's a little hard to tell much difference with a few settings, but the one I was a little disappointed in was the jet setting. It is okay, just doesn't seem to have as much pressure as I would like.

The one thing I really like about this nozzle is the adjustable head. It can move and angle to aim the water right where you want it. No twisting your hands or arms to get the nozzle up or down where you need it. It adjusts easily and makes the job fun. Plus you can surprise someone behind you. LOL!

This is a very nice spray nozzle and it comes with a one year guarantee.

You can purchase the RAAYA Sprayer Nozzle HERE!

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